Gayle Burbank creates ceramic sculpture inspired by the organic forms of nature. The sculptures are hand-fired and intended for display in both indoor and outdoor settings. They blend exceptionally well into the modern garden.

“The organic forms in nature and the landscape are the endless inspiration for my work, and making sculpture for the open air is a natural progression. I see the garden as an organic stage for expressing my artistic ideas and displaying works of art. My indoor sculptures are intended to bring the essence of this natural beauty into the home.

The bold, sophisticated forms, which are planters, fountains, birdbaths, and indoor sculptures, are designed to be the focal point of their surroundings.

My observations of rock formations, tree bark, seed pods, and the patterns in the soil after a heavy rain, are just some of the sources of inspiration for the forms, textures and colors of my work.

Each piece is unique, handcrafted in stoneware clay, with slips and glazes, and fired to a temperature to ensure durability both indoors and out.”