What Gayle’s clients say about her garden design, landscaping and sculpture:

“A consult with Gayle was just what I needed – and long overdue for my cottage garden. Gayle’s encyclopedic knowledge of plants that will thrive locally is a tremendous help.  I took notes because much of a gardener’s vocabulary hits my brain as a foreign language – and I’m not referring to the Latin nomenclature. Amazing how much she sowed in ideas, knowledge and approach during her first visit. I hope to have Gayle continue to mentor me in my quest.”

K.J. McIntyre, Kingston

“Hosting my daughter’s wedding was fraught with both minor and major challenges…and immense joy. What I never worried about was the landscaping. Gayle planned it all perfectly (and calmly), and with her crew took charge to make the property exquisite and natural looking – in both rain and sunshine. The photos are gorgeous and we will forever treasure them, and be grateful to Gayle for her expertise, creativity, hard work, and beautiful garden designs. And all within budget. From our hearts, THANK YOU!”

D. Siegel

“Gayle Burbank transformed the look of our house! For our weekend house, we wanted a very low maintenance garden that looked very natural but also very modern. She designed a beautiful garden for the front, which not only complements the structure but requires minimal maintenance. Gayle listened to our requests and was very responsive to our needs. At the same time, her designs are so beautiful and inventive that I know we never would have been able to create anything nearly as nice on our own. With Gayle, we are truly in the hands of an artist and professional.”

L. Goldmann, Lakeville, CT

“Over the past 10 years, Gayle Burbank has created the most beautiful garden “wonderland” for my home in the woods. Flowers keep blooming from April through September. Her creative spirit coupled with her experience and knowledge of plant material has given us a visually rich and abundant landscape. She knows what plants will do well and survive in our climate. I am very lucky to have found Gayle.”

L. Ritchie, Woodstock, NY

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gayle Burbank for many years and have found her to be a great asset to my company. Gayle currently works as a landscaper for my properties at 14th Street, New York. She is extremely creative and always comes up with new and beautiful ideas for the grounds and the buildings. She is very knowledgeable about all types of plants and gardening methods. Above all, Gayle is a trustworthy and responsible individual. She is a person of remarkable integrity, and I can always depend on her to complete any job in an efficient and impressive manner. I have enjoyed working with Gayle, and look forward to working with her in the future.”

B. Sekons, NYC

“To say that Gayle has transformed my yard is an understatement. Her attention to detail is astounding, and her follow-up flawless. She not only sees that the garden is installed (and within a year, it looked like it’s been growing for a decade), she makes sure that it stays gorgeous by overseeing its upkeep. Every time I look outside, I think of her and her wonderful crew. I recommend her highly.”

N. Lee, Woodstock, NY

“Our experience with Gayle was perfect. Not only does Gale possess an abundance of creative talent, but she also listens very well, so all of our preferences and concerns were reflected in the final plans. She has quite literally transformed our property into a paradise.”

K. DeJardin and P. Cairo, Woodstock, NY

“Gayle Burbank designed a memorial garden for my husband Bob that is tranquil and comforting, and a continual beacon. She took my ideas and expanded upon them in ways I would have not considered: bordered in enduring bluestone, with a pond and an “eternal light” shinig on his tree. She urged me to bring something personal of ours into the garden, and the lovebird sculpture and glass paperweights we made were the finishing touch. When friends come over we take our wineglasses to the garden, toast Bob, and float candles on the pond. The garden, which I can see from all my rooms, is infinitely more meaningful than the cemetery. I know his spirit is here with me. Thank you, Gayle.”

J. Newburg, Saugerties, NY

“Our city postage stamp of a backyard has been transformed by Gayle Burbank. Every spring our plants pop up through the soil sporting flowers and deep green leaves. Gayle’s sense of design, form and color are on display from early spring to late fall.”

A and C Blaichman, NYC